Chevrolet Silverado Specific Fit Seat Covers 2019-2023

Prix $169.00
{"Body Style":[{"PICKUP":"Tacoma","SUV":"Wrangler","SEDAN":"RAV4","EV":"Model Y"},{"PICKUP":"Silverado 1500","SUV":"4Runner","SEDAN":"CRV","EV":"Model 3"},{"PICKUP":"Silverado 2500","SUV":"","SEDAN":"Camry","EV":"Model S"},{"PICKUP":"Silverado 3500","SUV":"","SEDAN":"Corolla","EV":"Model X"},{"PICKUP":"Sierra 1500","SUV":"","SEDAN":"Civic","EV":""},{"PICKUP":"Sierra 2500","SUV":"","SEDAN":"Accord","EV":""},{"PICKUP":"Sierra 3500","SUV":"","SEDAN":"","EV":""},{"PICKUP":"Ram 1500","SUV":"","SEDAN":"","EV":""},{"PICKUP":"Ram 2500","SUV":"","SEDAN":"","EV":""},{"PICKUP":"Ram 3500","SUV":"","SEDAN":"","EV":""},{"PICKUP":"Tundra","SUV":"","SEDAN":"","EV":""},{"PICKUP":"F150","SUV":"","SEDAN":"","EV":""}]}
{"Cab Type":[{"Row":"First Row","Image":"","Description":"Buckets w/ Adjustable Headrests","Code":"FRBH01"},{"Row":"First Row","Image":"","Description":"40/20/40 Bench with Folddown Console","Code":"FR4241"},{"Row":"First Row","Image":"","Description":"High Back Bucket Seats","Code":"FRHBB1"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"60/40 Split Back and Bottom w/ 3 Adjustable Headrests","Code":"SR6401"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"60/40 Split Back and Bottom w/ 3 Adjustable Headrests","Code":"SR6402"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"60/40 Split Cushion w/ Solid Backrest and Pullout Arm","Code":"SR6403"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"60/40 Split Back and Bottom w/ Pullout Arm and 3 Adjustable Headrests and Seatbelt in Backrest","Code":"SR6404"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"40/20/40 Split Back and 60/40 Bottom w/ Pullout Arm and 3 Headrests","Code":"SR6405"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"","Code":"SR6406"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"","Code":"SR4601"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"40/60 Split Back and Bottom w/ 3 Adjustable Headrests","Code":"SR4602"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"","Code":"SR4603"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"40/60 Split Back and Bottom w/ Pullout Arm and 3 Headrests","Code":"SR4604"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"40/60 Split Back and Bottom w/ Pullout Arm and Middle Molded Headrest 2 Outer Adjustable Headrests","Code":"SR4605"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"40/20/40 Split Back and 60/40 Split Bottom","Code":"SR4606"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"","Code":"SRSB01"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"40/60 Split Back Solid Bottom w/ 3 Adjustable Headrests","Code":"SRSB02"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"40/60 Backrest and Solid Bottom w/ Pullout Arm and Adjustable Headrests","Code":"SRSB03"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"60/40 Split Back and Solid Bottom","Code":"SRSB05"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"Solid Back and Bottom w/ 3 Molded Headrests","Code":"SRSB04"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"40/20/40 Split Backrest and Solid Cushion","Code":"SR4241"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"40/20/40 Buckets with Built in Headrests and Power Seats","Code":"SR4243"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"40/20/40 Buckets with Built in Headrests and Power Seats","Code":"SR4244"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"2 High Back Bucket Seats","Code":"SR5S51"},{"Row":"Third Row","Image":"","Description":"50/50 Split Back and Bottom w/ Folding Headrests","Code":"TR55S1"},{"Row":"Third Row","Image":"","Description":"50/50 Split Back w/ Solid Bottom","Code":"TR55S2"}]}

Specific Fit: Tailored specifically for 2019-2023 Chevy Silverado Pickup Trucks and Sierra models, ensuring a perfect, snug fit.

Full Coverage: Complete coverage for front and rear seats, including headrests, with separate front backrest and seat covers.

60/40 Split Bench: Individual coverage for 60/40 split bench seats, maintaining usability even when folded.

Slide Resistant: Enhanced stability with webbing snaps and headrest holes for a secure fit, complemented by non-slip particles on the bottom.

High-Quality Material: Crafted from superior faux leather, offering both comfort and easy cleaning, with a unique diamond design available in three stylish colors.

Crafted from superior quality faux leather, these seat covers are not only comfortable but also easy to clean with a simple wipe of a wet towel. Not only do they enhance the aesthetics of your vehicle, but they also protect your original car seats. The unique diamond design adds a touch of style, and you can choose from three different colors, each representing a distinct style.

12 pieces: front seat cover x 2, front backrest cover x 2, front headgear x 2, rear backrest x 1, back base x 2, rear headgear x 3

Delivery Area: Free shipping to the United States, extra fee to Hawaii, Alaska (Shipping not available in Samoa, Guam, Palau, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and the armed forces region).

Lead Time: 1-2 days.

Shipping Time: 5-7 days.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Rock Norton
Seat cover

These fit great on my sliverado However i wish they had a piece that covered the center of the front seat.

Zenobia Ralph
Could not believe how nice these were for the money.

We purchased a work truck for towing our boat and the seats were not great. They were cloth and despite our efforts to clean them were still not very nice looking. We ordered these just to cover the seats and didn't want to spend a lot of money as again we purchased this truck to go to and from the beach. I was really shocked at how nice they look and the quality of these seat covers. They were fairly easy to install and look great. Would definitely recommend.

Godfery Hicks
Fit great!

The seat cover are awesome. Heavy duty, fit extremely well in my 2022 Silverado.

August Felton
Easy to install

It should have came with a cover foe the steering wheel as well but other than that it's nice looks great

Janet Bellamy
Great Look! Easy Install! Quality!

Loved these seat covers for my husband's new used Chevy Silverado! Protection from cigar smoke (eww!) and all the dirt that comes along for a ride with a masob contractor! Ok, so I watched the video 16 times but install went according to plan. A quality product that looks and protects like leather! Super happy! And he says they are very comfortable!