Tesla Model Y/3 Leather Specific Fit Seat Covers

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Safety and Convenience: Armrest and airbag compatible, with a non-slip bottom for extra support and safety. Rear armrest with cup holder cutout cover can be used independently.

Easy Installation: Designed for quick and hassle-free installation, supported by step-by-step installation guides, videos, and accessories.

Environmental Material: We've crafted these seat covers with a commitment to the environment in mind. They're made from premium faux leather, offering the luxurious look and feel of genuine leather without any animal products. The foam-backed construction not only provides comfort but also enhances durability. Additionally, these seat covers are breathable, waterproof, and remarkably easy to clean, making them an excellent choice for those who wish to either upgrade or protect their Tesla's upholstery.

Front Seat Cover x 4, Front Headgear x 2, Rear Backrest x 2, Cup Holder Cushion x 1, Black Headgear x 1, Rear Base x 1.

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Customer Reviews

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Evan Lyly
AWESOME! Great fit and nice white color!

This Model Y seat covers is AWESOME! I got my Model Y with black seats since I am worried about the factory white seats getting dirty after time. I was searching on Amazon for floor liners and I came across this suggested item. I purchased a set and installed them as soon as they arrived. The fit and material is nice! There is a bit of wrinkle on both front head rest and there is a slight pocket there. I don't think it will go away... but for seat covers, they are very nice! I don't have to worry about the kids scratching or scuffing the original seats. If in a year or two the seat covers get worned out... it's easy to replace!

Vera Reed
White like the factory seats

I bought our Model Y with black seats because of price and availability. After 1 day we realized how dirty the black seats get since we have two young kids and a dog. I was hesitant about the white color getting dirty, but it stays clean and pristine. My youngest got the white pretty dirty the other day, and we were able to easily clean it with a baby wipe. The car looks nicer and more premium as a result.

The quality of materials is excellent for this product. You wouldn't know that it was a cover unless you were really looking for any space-gap. It does have some creases when I installed...but a heat gun - hair dryer should take care of it. Can't beat this for the price. Very very good upgrade.

Arvin Finger
Great product

I bought the white seat Model Y and have three kids. My kids really like the car and we're stressing white having snack in the car. Bought this cover and it is great fit, looks and feels like the original cover. My friend did not believe this is a removable cover an I installed it myself. I am a very happy customer!

Barlow Gunter
Hard to Install but Worth the Effort

The instructions that were included were for a different product. Had to figure out how to install it by watching YouTube videos and different parts from the instructions. Took about 2 hours to install although I could probably do it in 30 minutes now that I figured it out. The hardest part is working under the front seats to get the straps tight and pushing the Velcro flaps through the back seats. You also have to be able to push the flaps behind the plastic on the back of the front seats (seat picture) and the moldings on the car. I would not recommend installing it yourself unless you have strong fingers and are used to working in tight spaces. With all of the extra material on the corner guards, back seat, middle head rest and arm rest, the back seats do become harder to move, but give it a hard nudge and they do lock back in place.

The covers do look and feel great once installed. Nice fit, color and stitching. They feel very durable and I no longer worry about scratching the seats when I get in and out of the car.

Stan Zacharias
Not Perfect, but Solid!

Although the rating is a 5, I'd give it more of a 4.7.

First, installation (if you want to do it right) will take some time. It's best to do it in a shaded area with the ac on because it'll get hot.

Second, it's been designed quite well to fit my model 3 (2021) but I'm not sure if model 3/Y have the same configuration, and I say this because the box & instruction that came with it said it was compatible for either one. As you can see in the picture, there seems to be some "lift" (space between oem seats and the cover) that will go up/down. I believe this can be fixed by adjusting the tighteners but it took me a while to install so I'm tapped out.

Overall, it looks great. The color matches the black oem seats and they do feel oem-like. For the price, you can't go wrong