Tesla Model Y Black Red Leather Seat Covers

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Safety and Convenience: Armrest and airbag compatible, with a non-slip bottom for extra support and safety. Rear armrest with cup holder cutout cover can be used independently.

Easy Installation: Designed for quick and hassle-free installation, supported by step-by-step installation guides, videos, and accessories.

Environmental Material: We've crafted these seat covers with a commitment to the environment in mind. They're made from premium faux leather, offering the luxurious look and feel of genuine leather without any animal products. The foam-backed construction not only provides comfort but also enhances durability. Additionally, these seat covers are breathable, waterproof, and remarkably easy to clean, making them an excellent choice for those who wish to either upgrade or protect their Tesla's upholstery.

Front Seat Cover x 4, Front Headgear x 2, Rear Backrest x 2, Cup Holder Cushion x 1, Black Headgear x 1, Rear Base x 1.

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Customer Reviews

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Jeffrey Longman
I like them

In all honestly this fit pretty well' no issues installation was a pain but only because i live in FL and it was hot lol but if you watch the videos before hand its 10 times easier to fiqure out. They are quite easy to clean off but do get dirty pretty easily as well (especially if you have a dog). They are a different white as mentioned in the description so just so you know. Overall they do what i wanted them to do and that is to keep my original seats white. I dont really care for the material that is used but it does work. Will check back in a few months to see how they are holding up.

Brian Hudson
Really comftorable and rad looks

Totally comfy and they look so killer too. I love the way the red pops.

Zoe Beck
Total transformation

This Tesla seat cover totally transform my car into a different car. The color is vibrant and bright. The material is thick and of good quality. The covers fit almost perfectly around the seat. I really do love this, however, the middle back seat cover isn't great. The headrest cover is a little loose and scrunched on the side. The elbow rest, there's nothing to hold the end in place so when close and open the inside flap also scrunched up. A velcro like all the headrest to hold it down would be better. Due to the thickness of the cover and high quality material, it was a little hard to put the covers on. The process was easy and instructions was easy to follow but the actual tucking and pulling was a tad hard and I did ended up breaking a nail, so wear gloves. Overall, I think the product fits well other than the middle backseat, and the product is of high quality. I'd recommend if you rarely use the elbow rest.

Robert Grantham
I like this better than the OEM

These seat covers are, in my opinion, maybe better than the OEM. The material feels much more solid than the stock. The stitching is very sturdy and clean-looking. The overall quality is superb.

As for the installation, it's quite a workout, but with a little patience, it will be very satisfying after. I would suggest to watch the video as well to make sure you're following the instructions step-by-step. It's not hard, but there's a lot of tugging and pulling. And you want to make sure it's snug.

The covers does not interfere with the seatbelts or the airbags. This is a well-designed, well-thought-out product. You will not be disappointed. A very good find.

Daniel I.
Perfectly fit my model Y

I used to get cheap cloth seat covers for my model Y, they did not fit my seats so I threw them away. Then in the summer, I hate those white marks from sunscreen left on my black seats. Also, my son always have snacks in my car. ( I'm a swim team mom. So teen swimmer is hungry all day ! Cannot stop him eating in the car. Even when he was a toddler, I never allow him to eat in my car) so the food drops in my seat unavoidable. Then I get this, wow! Now three months passed, I love those seat covers. And super easy to clean then. No stains .