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Embrace FREESOO's Craftsmanship

At FREESOO, we infuse every car seat cover with our brand's ethos of customization, embracing meticulous craftsmanship that embodies the spirit of the artisan. We believe in creating a distinct blend of functionality and aesthetics, producing seat covers that are not only eye-catchingly beautiful but also resonate with the unique style of each customer.

FREESOO's Commitment to Quality

Dive into our tailored services that emphasize the usage of premium materials and stringent quality control. FREESOO custom seat covers are handcrafted from the finest automotive-grade materials, precision cut according to your vehicle's exact specifications. We ensure every detail is examined rigorously, resulting in products that stand the test of time.


  • Premium Leather, Enduring Quality.

  • Meticulous Stitching, Discerning Excellence.

  • Elegantly Designed, Functionally Perfect.

Don't Just Imagine, Witness for Yourself

Behind FREESOO's Excellence


Welcome to FREESOO, your ultimate destination for custom leather car seat covers.We're your reliable partner on every journey. Our exclusive range of tailored truck seat wraps is meticulously crafted to cater to the unique needs of pickup truck enthusiasts.

Behind FREESOO's success is a vibrant team of passionate young professionals. We offer the perfect blend of style, protection and comfort.Every stitch, every design element is infused with our shared love for automobiles, and we believe that this genuine passion resonates through every product we offer.


  • Looks better than factory seats from Tesla

    They changed the entire appearance of the Tesla, makes it look very sporty and premium. They also add extra padded cushion so it’s extra comfortable and they are perforated, with white piping, good contrast black and white together add style to the Tesla performance, they are great. Easy to install.

    ——Alex C.

  •  They looked so nice and fit

    Honestly no. I ran into no issues at all. The seat covers were amazing.  I work at a car dealership, and the Tacoma I put the seat covers on sold 3 hrs after we put them in.  They looked so nice and fit so well my coworker who sold the truck just ordered a set for his brand new truck. The install was easy, especially considering how well they fit. I would love to do more with you all.

    ——Denie H.

  • Provide great look and feel

    Play Video My truck feels and looks completely different.I really enjoy them. installing the seat covers may be difficult so I made a video that goes a little bit more into detail so watch that but these seat covers are great.

    ——Hillari V.

  • Easy Installation

    Installing these seat covers is a beeze, no tools rquired. Simply slip them on and secure them in place using the included hooks and straps.

    ——Myks G.

Experience the Difference

Tailor Your Comfort Today with FREESOO Custom Car Seat Covers!

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    7-10 days production and 1.5-2 weeks (transport, unloading, passing the customs inspection, local logistics, and destinations). The status remains "in creation" until the local logistics scans the package label and updates it to "received" for local distribution.

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