Tesla Model Y Full Coverage Nappa Leather Seat Covers Red

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Safety and Compatibility: Customized to match your vehicle's contours, ensuring compatibility with airbags, armrests, and seat belt buckles.

Installation: Designed for quick and easy installation without seat removal, includes step-by-step installation guide, instructional videos, and necessary tools.

Protection: Protects your seats from scratches, stains, fading, and spills, while enhancing your interior with a custom-fit, luxurious appearance.

Premium Material: Our car seat covers are crafted from high-quality Nappa leather, a combination of leather and vinyl. The addition of 3/5 foam-backing provides both style and comfort, making your commutes, whether long or short, a pleasurable experience. The quilted areas stand out, adding a touch of elegance to your car's seats.

Front Seat Cover x 4, Front Armrest Box x 1, Rear Backrest x 2, Rear Armrest Cover x 1, Middle Headgear x 1, Rear Base x 1, Side Panel Cover x 2.

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Customer Reviews

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Evan Lyly
AWESOME! Great fit and nice white color!

This Model Y seat covers is AWESOME! I got my Model Y with black seats since I am worried about the factory white seats getting dirty after time. I was searching on Amazon for floor liners and I came across this suggested item. I purchased a set and installed them as soon as they arrived. The fit and material is nice! There is a bit of wrinkle on both front head rest and there is a slight pocket there. I don't think it will go away... but for seat covers, they are very nice! I don't have to worry about the kids scratching or scuffing the original seats. If in a year or two the seat covers get worned out... it's easy to replace!

Vera Reed
White like the factory seats

I bought our Model Y with black seats because of price and availability. After 1 day we realized how dirty the black seats get since we have two young kids and a dog. I was hesitant about the white color getting dirty, but it stays clean and pristine. My youngest got the white pretty dirty the other day, and we were able to easily clean it with a baby wipe. The car looks nicer and more premium as a result.

The quality of materials is excellent for this product. You wouldn't know that it was a cover unless you were really looking for any space-gap. It does have some creases when I installed...but a heat gun - hair dryer should take care of it. Can't beat this for the price. Very very good upgrade.

Xaviera Lattimore

These fit really well and feel the same as the original vegan leather seats. It took me about 45 minutes to install by myself. The provided instructions are really clear, ensure you follow them.

Marshall Noah
Such great quality!

When these arrived I was so impressed. First, my custom order was delivered right on time, even a few days early. They are so well made, tons of well thought out details. Installation is what you'd expect- it takes time and 2 people (or 1 really strong person) to do it well, but once they're on they look great. The tools included were helpful. Love the color and upgraded look these create. Thank you!

Kyle Walker
Extremely Impressive Looking Seat Covers

The seat covers are extremely impressive and look great. To quote my neighbor they are the best looking seat covers he has ever seen. They look natural in the car and really don't look like seat covers are even installed. They do however take time to install. They fit tight for good reason and take effort to install. I sent 2 to 3 hours installing. The instructions are veg but I did notice a link to a video after I installation. Watching video would have shortened the learning curve I'm sure. Overall I'm very impressed and do recommend these seat covers.