Universal Woven&Leather Car Seat Covers

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Upgrade your car interior with FREESOO Universal Seat Covers. These seat covers are designed to fit a wide range of 5-seat vehicles, including sedans, coupes, hatchbacks, SUVs, pickups, vans, and EVs with removable headrests. Made with a combination of woven fabric and high-quality faux leather, these seat covers provide both comfort and style. Unlike full-leather options, the padded design of these seat covers offers protection against the heat in summer and the cold in winter, keeping your legs and hips comfortable all year round.

The side-less design of these seat covers ensures compatibility with airbags, making them safe to use. They also work with armrests, allowing you to enjoy all the functions of your car without any restrictions. Additionally, there is a convenient storage pocket included, perfect for keeping miscellaneous items organized. These seat covers are made from quality faux leather with high-density comfort foam quilting and machine-braided fabric, providing breathability and easy cleaning. They offer top-notch protection against wear, spills, and even kids. The non-slip backing is designed to keep the seat covers in place, eliminating any movement or bunching.

Front Car Seat Cover x 2, Waist Pillow x 2, Head Pillow x 2, Rear Backrest Cover x 2, Armrest Pad x 1, Rear Base Cover with Velcro x 2, Rear Base Middle Mat x 1, Small Headgear x 1.

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Customer Reviews

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Sophia Johnson
Looks good in my Honda Accord

I'm very pleased with these seat covers. They're very easy to install & look good in my Honda Accord.

Charlotte Parker
Better than I expected

Bought these for my first ever car vauxhall astra excite absolutely love them, super comfy and looks perfect

Emma Miller
They are scratch proof

I bought a 2nd set for my sons 2001 Chevy Blazer. These work GREAT in his car and look Fantastic! His blazer is red so I got the black seats with red stitching. They are beautiful in his truck and he loves them. They've been in there 6 months now, have held up to all his teenage friends, our 3 dogs, and all the roughness he puts them through. Very satisfied with these covers over the years. Will buy them again when I get a new car.

Noah Thomas
Its ok

Its ok, but they have difficulty staying in place.

Aiden White
Don't buy

No instructions,few pictures