Custom Dodge Ram Seat Cover

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{"Body Style":[{"PICKUP":"Tacoma","SUV":"Wrangler","SEDAN":"RAV4","EV":"Model Y"},{"PICKUP":"Silverado 1500","SUV":"4Runner","SEDAN":"CRV","EV":"Model 3"},{"PICKUP":"Silverado 2500","SUV":"","SEDAN":"Camry","EV":"Model S"},{"PICKUP":"Silverado 3500","SUV":"","SEDAN":"Corolla","EV":"Model X"},{"PICKUP":"Sierra 1500","SUV":"","SEDAN":"Civic","EV":""},{"PICKUP":"Sierra 2500","SUV":"","SEDAN":"Accord","EV":""},{"PICKUP":"Sierra 3500","SUV":"","SEDAN":"","EV":""},{"PICKUP":"Ram 1500","SUV":"","SEDAN":"","EV":""},{"PICKUP":"Ram 2500","SUV":"","SEDAN":"","EV":""},{"PICKUP":"Ram 3500","SUV":"","SEDAN":"","EV":""},{"PICKUP":"Tundra","SUV":"","SEDAN":"","EV":""},{"PICKUP":"F150","SUV":"","SEDAN":"","EV":""}]}
{"Cab Type":[{"Row":"First Row","Image":"","Description":"Buckets w/ Adjustable Headrests","Code":"FRBH01"},{"Row":"First Row","Image":"","Description":"40/20/40 Bench with Folddown Console","Code":"FR4241"},{"Row":"First Row","Image":"","Description":"High Back Bucket Seats","Code":"FRHBB1"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"60/40 Split Back and Bottom w/ 3 Adjustable Headrests","Code":"SR6401"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"60/40 Split Back and Bottom w/ 3 Adjustable Headrests","Code":"SR6402"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"60/40 Split Cushion w/ Solid Backrest and Pullout Arm","Code":"SR6403"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"60/40 Split Back and Bottom w/ Pullout Arm and 3 Adjustable Headrests and Seatbelt in Backrest","Code":"SR6404"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"40/20/40 Split Back and 60/40 Bottom w/ Pullout Arm and 3 Headrests","Code":"SR6405"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"","Code":"SR6406"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"","Code":"SR4601"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"40/60 Split Back and Bottom w/ 3 Adjustable Headrests","Code":"SR4602"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"","Code":"SR4603"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"40/60 Split Back and Bottom w/ Pullout Arm and 3 Headrests","Code":"SR4604"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"40/60 Split Back and Bottom w/ Pullout Arm and Middle Molded Headrest 2 Outer Adjustable Headrests","Code":"SR4605"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"40/20/40 Split Back and 60/40 Split Bottom","Code":"SR4606"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"","Code":"SRSB01"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"40/60 Split Back Solid Bottom w/ 3 Adjustable Headrests","Code":"SRSB02"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"40/60 Backrest and Solid Bottom w/ Pullout Arm and Adjustable Headrests","Code":"SRSB03"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"60/40 Split Back and Solid Bottom","Code":"SRSB05"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"Solid Back and Bottom w/ 3 Molded Headrests","Code":"SRSB04"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"40/20/40 Split Backrest and Solid Cushion","Code":"SR4241"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"40/20/40 Buckets with Built in Headrests and Power Seats","Code":"SR4243"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"40/20/40 Buckets with Built in Headrests and Power Seats","Code":"SR4244"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"2 High Back Bucket Seats","Code":"SR5S51"},{"Row":"Third Row","Image":"","Description":"50/50 Split Back and Bottom w/ Folding Headrests","Code":"TR55S1"},{"Row":"Third Row","Image":"","Description":"50/50 Split Back w/ Solid Bottom","Code":"TR55S2"}]}

Specific Fit: Customized for Dodge Ram 2011-2023 1500, 2500, 3500 crew and quad cabs with a 60/40 split rear seat, ensuring a glove-like fit.

Safety and Convenience: Sideless design for side airbags, easy access to seat belt buckles, and integrated pockets for organization.

Year-Round Durability: Crafted with premium composite leather fabric and soft sponge for long-lasting protection against scratches, stains, and spills.

Easy Installation: Effortless slip-on installation with step-by-step guides, videos, and included accessories.

FREESOO Dodge Ram Seat Covers are constructed using a high-quality, multi-layer composite leather fabric. This material, combined with a soft composite sponge, guarantees comfort, longevity, and a stylish appearance. The leather-like chemical fabric stitching adds both design and extra comfort to your driving experience, making these seat covers a perfect combination of form and function.

4pcs front seat cover, 2pcs front headgear, 2pcs rear backrests, 2pcs back base, 1pc headgear

Delivery Area: Free shipping to the United States, extra fee to Hawaii, Alaska (Shipping not available in Samoa, Guam, Palau, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and the armed forces region).

Production Time: 2-7 days.

Shipping Time: 7-14 days.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Reginald Huxley
quality seat covers!!

Great Quality. Great fit. Easy to install.

Donahue Ellis
Awesome value

After 6 months - no regrets. Fits very well, great quality. Definitely worth it for protecting your truck seats or maybe even making the interior look better.

Only con is that it renders your ac seats useless and lessens the heated seat.

Sylvia Effie
Stylish protection

Loved this product. Didn't install center piece in back because it doesn't allow for use of the cup holders. The front head rest covers are not large enough. The inside of my truck looks amazing and will be protected for years to come.

Gene Marlowe
Beautiful Car Seats

I love the look and feel of these seat covers! The interior looks classy now and no one can tell they are seat covers at first glance, they think theyre my real seats! The install was a little difficult, but definitely worth it. I used a Youtube video, but messing around with it myself was the best course of action. I selected the front and back seat covers and I am happy to say I received alll the pieces. I recommended these to all my friends and family!

Eunice Hoyle
Very Good value

Fits my RAM 2500. Looks very nice and is very durable. Highly recommended.