Custom Toyota 4Runner Seat Covers

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  • Precision-cut and tailored for Jeep Grand Cherokee seats.
  • Exclusive design for various Grand Cherokee models from 2011 to 2021.
  • Crafted with high-quality NAPPA Leather for a luxurious interior upgrade.
  • Luxury leather design offers breathability and skin-friendly comfort.
  • Five-layer structure provides exceptional waterproof and protection capabilities.
  • Easy to clean with damp cloths, maintaining a fresh look for years.

12 Pieces:front seat cover x 2, front backrest cover x 2, front headgear x 2, rear backrest x 1, back base x 2, rear headgear x 3

Delivery Area: Free shipping to the United States, extra fee to Hawaii, Alaska (Shipping not available in Samoa, Guam, Palau, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and the armed forces region).

Production Time: 2-7 days.

Shipping Time: 7-14 days.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Camille Tours
2012 4Runner - Good fit and feels durable

The install was fairly straight forward. If want it to be as fitted as possible and run the straps under the seats cleanly then itll take some time. My 2012 4Runner had a plastic cover at the bottom of the front seat pockets that blocked easy access to pull on the material youre supposed to tug on after tucking in. No big deal since it has a lot of play. It was also the place where you can hide the excess strap after tightening it. The final flap in the back of the front seat covers does conceal everything nicely!

Janet Tate
Quality item

I love how easy it is to wipe the dog hair from the passenger seat when I am riding shotgun. The hair used to weave itself into the fabric seats and then when I would ride shotgun, Id have to sit in it and get my clothes all gross. I tried a removable seat cover, but it was a fail because my husband would forget to put it on when he took the dog with him. So this leather cover is the best for me. I do have to mention that we put the back seats up and down all the time and the covers make it extremely difficult to do so. I think I am going to remove the covers from the back seats because the dog doesnt like to ride in the back anyway. But it was worth it for the front seats. And if you dont put your back seats up and down often like we do, then it is worth it for the back too. They fit as good as can be expected for a high end cover. I have a 2015 5-seater.

Rodney Bill
Great Seat Covers

The quality of materials, the form, fit and function of these seat covers are outstanding! And the attention to detail in design makes these covers truly custom fit. But even more impressive is the customer service from the company. One of the seat covers had a flaw and the customer care department was extremely responsive and went well above normal standards to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Thx!! (BTW I am not getting any benefits from this positive review)

Walter Bart
Custom fit

Love the seat covers for my 2019 4 runner! They are a custom fit and my car feels like new! Videos from the company were super helpful! Would definitely buy again!

Burton Guy
Comfort, price, look

Im not one to post reviews but these seat covers are so damn amazing that I had to take a few minutes of my time to give credit where its due. These seat covers look so good I get asked if they are stock. They are soft, durable, and simple which makes them more appealing, at least to me. However there are a few cons as there are with everything in this world. 1) as everyone else who has written a review, the time it takes to install them and make them look good, and 2) the backseat cup holder cover when pulled down doesnt look stock but, in all honesty no one ever pulls those things down anyways so who cares. Overall 10/10 for me overly jazzed, gives a whole new feel to the car.