Tesla Model 3 Classic Seat Covers

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This car seat cover is custom-made for Tesla Model 3 2018-2023 seat covers, providing a stylish and protective solution. The seat covers come in a range of colors to match your car's interior, while simultaneously safeguarding your seats from potential scratches, stains, fading, and spills.

Crafted from premium faux leather and foam-backed, the seat covers offer a combination of comfort, aesthetics, and durability. The environmentally friendly materials ensure protection for Tesla's interior, featuring breathability, waterproofing, and easy cleanability. Notably, they contain no animal products.

Total 4pcs, front seat covers*4pcs.

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Customer Reviews

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Gregary Euphemia
Great car seats ans excellent customer service

These car seats looks amazing and fit very well specially the front ones. Looks better then the original seats and I'm impressed with the quality of the material and the thickness. Also 5 stars for the customer service. I highly recommended this car seats.

Elsa Bernal
Amazing after two years!

I installed these (by myself lol) in 2021. Two years later I still get compliments! The initial installation was difficult- definitely recommend two people. The covers held up great over these couple years and I have my large dog in the car all the time.

Stan Arnold
The are definitely $300 seat covers

To start, these are amazing, without a doubt. But as someone who works all the time, the installation process was NOT SIMPLE WHATSOEVER. It was probably because its July 5th at the time of this review, but its too damn hot to be outside in no shade to put these on. Sure its a 2 hour process but your boy gets hot, thirsty, and a break is needed in between. Alright now that I got that out of the way, these covers are fire once they're on. You can almost think they are the original seats (i got black to match my black interior), and they're thicker than a bowl of oatmeal so you know nothings getting through them. The design is pretty solid, someone else mentioned how the cupholders are useless, but they're covered with a zip-off piece that you can take off, Otherwise, the entire back is covered for max protection. I was just wanting seat covers for my brand new seats, and basically got newer seats. 5/5 for most people, but the installation sucks for hot weather if you don't have a big garage, so 4/5 from me personally.

Douglas Bellamy
For 2023 Tesla Model 3

I recommend it. Good quality. Thanks

Denise Evelina
Decent seat covers!

I can't trust the claims that the only product I need to maintain my interior is baby wipes.

I work around materials I'd prefer to keep off my seats--things like soil, hay, and mulch. Sometimes I sit down with tools on my belt or sticking out of my pockets.

I read the reviews and watched a few different videos for how to best install these seat covers. I found dealing with the front seats incredibly difficult because of how cramped it was inside the vehicle. If you have the know-how it's definitely easier taking the seats out.

There are certainly places where you can see the factory material beneath the covers but it's less obvious to casual observers. So far these seat covers are doing a great job of providing a protective barrier. I am pleased with the color as well!