Tesla Model 3 Black Red Nappa Leather Seat Covers

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Safety and Convenience: These seat covers are customized to fit the exact contours of your Tesla Model 3. They are compatible with airbags and armrests, ensuring safety remains a top priority. Seat belt buckles are easily accessible, and a rear armrest with a cup holder cut-out cover can be used independently, simplifying your daily driving experience.

Easy to Install: Designed for a hassle-free installation process, these seat covers can be installed without removing the rear console. We provide step-by-step installation guides, videos, and essential tools like a prying board and gloves to assist you along the way.

Enhanced Protection: FREESOO Tesla Model 3 Seat Covers come in a range of colors to match your car's interior, while simultaneously safeguarding your seats from potential scratches, stains, fading, and spills.

Premium Content: Crafted from high-quality Nappa leather, which is a combination of genuine leather and vinyl, and complemented by a 3/5 foam backing. This design not only adds durability but also provides exceptional comfort, making even the longest commutes a pleasure. The quilted areas stand out, adding a touch of luxury to your interior.

Front Seat Covers x 4, Front Armrest Box x 1 , Rear Backrest x 2, Rear Armrest Cover x 1, Middle Headgear x 1, Rear Base x 1, Side Panel Cover x 2.

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Customer Reviews

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Stan Zacharias
Not Perfect, but Solid!

Although the rating is a 5, I'd give it more of a 4.7.

First, installation (if you want to do it right) will take some time. It's best to do it in a shaded area with the ac on because it'll get hot.

Second, it's been designed quite well to fit my model 3 (2021) but I'm not sure if model 3/Y have the same configuration, and I say this because the box & instruction that came with it said it was compatible for either one. As you can see in the picture, there seems to be some "lift" (space between oem seats and the cover) that will go up/down. I believe this can be fixed by adjusting the tighteners but it took me a while to install so I'm tapped out.

Overall, it looks great. The color matches the black oem seats and they do feel oem-like. For the price, you can't go wrong

Abbott Simon
Excellent Car Seat Covers: Looks almost like OEM white seats

I purchased these seat covers because I like to protect my original seats. I didn't want the white seats from the factory because I was worried about keeping them clean. With covers I have more peace of mind that I can replace them if they get dirty or damaged. The covers fit very well and are snug. I purchased the one with front and back seat covers. It took me a little over an hour to install by myself.

So far these seat covers have held up well. They are noticeably cooler to the touch when car is parked in the sun vs the original black seats. As advertised they do wipe clean with just a damp cloth. Out of the box the seat material was a little more grippy than the original faux leather. After a few weeks though it feels smoother.

I would definitely recommend these to anyone thinking about getting seat covers and would buy them again for a future vehicle. They are stylish and make the interior feel like more stylish.

Nora Bill
Great Purchase

I got sent the wrong package at first and had no issue with returning and getting the seat covers. The seat covers take a bit of time to install and mines came with a few creases that didn't want to go away. I would say that this is a great purchase as they do fit perfectly and look like original seats while protecting the real seats. My dog left a muddy paw print on the seat covers before and I easily got rid of them with a wet wipe. Would definitely recommend!!!

Evelyn Daisy
Fits like a glove

Concerned that a trip through the southwest in June would be painful with our black interior seats, we decided to try these white seat covers and then swap them out when winter comes. They were exactly the right answer, comfortable and stylish - no burned bottoms. We like them so well that we plan on leaving them through the winter!

Gary Sidney
Looks and feels great

Looks great fits good. Could be a little better on the upper back portion but I understand. No being a full seat wrap