Chevrolet Silverado Universal Seat Covers 2007-2024

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{"Body Style":[{"PICKUP":"Tacoma","SUV":"Wrangler","SEDAN":"RAV4","EV":"Model Y"},{"PICKUP":"Silverado 1500","SUV":"4Runner","SEDAN":"CRV","EV":"Model 3"},{"PICKUP":"Silverado 2500","SUV":"","SEDAN":"Camry","EV":"Model S"},{"PICKUP":"Silverado 3500","SUV":"","SEDAN":"Corolla","EV":"Model X"},{"PICKUP":"Sierra 1500","SUV":"","SEDAN":"Civic","EV":""},{"PICKUP":"Sierra 2500","SUV":"","SEDAN":"Accord","EV":""},{"PICKUP":"Sierra 3500","SUV":"","SEDAN":"","EV":""},{"PICKUP":"Ram 1500","SUV":"","SEDAN":"","EV":""},{"PICKUP":"Ram 2500","SUV":"","SEDAN":"","EV":""},{"PICKUP":"Ram 3500","SUV":"","SEDAN":"","EV":""},{"PICKUP":"Tundra","SUV":"","SEDAN":"","EV":""},{"PICKUP":"F150","SUV":"","SEDAN":"","EV":""}]}
{"Cab Type":[{"Row":"First Row","Image":"","Description":"Buckets w/ Adjustable Headrests","Code":"FRBH01"},{"Row":"First Row","Image":"","Description":"40/20/40 Bench with Folddown Console","Code":"FR4241"},{"Row":"First Row","Image":"","Description":"High Back Bucket Seats","Code":"FRHBB1"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"60/40 Split Back and Bottom w/ 3 Adjustable Headrests","Code":"SR6401"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"60/40 Split Back and Bottom w/ 3 Adjustable Headrests","Code":"SR6402"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"60/40 Split Cushion w/ Solid Backrest and Pullout Arm","Code":"SR6403"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"60/40 Split Back and Bottom w/ Pullout Arm and 3 Adjustable Headrests and Seatbelt in Backrest","Code":"SR6404"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"40/20/40 Split Back and 60/40 Bottom w/ Pullout Arm and 3 Headrests","Code":"SR6405"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"","Code":"SR6406"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"","Code":"SR4601"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"40/60 Split Back and Bottom w/ 3 Adjustable Headrests","Code":"SR4602"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"","Code":"SR4603"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"40/60 Split Back and Bottom w/ Pullout Arm and 3 Headrests","Code":"SR4604"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"40/60 Split Back and Bottom w/ Pullout Arm and Middle Molded Headrest 2 Outer Adjustable Headrests","Code":"SR4605"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"40/20/40 Split Back and 60/40 Split Bottom","Code":"SR4606"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"","Code":"SRSB01"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"40/60 Split Back Solid Bottom w/ 3 Adjustable Headrests","Code":"SRSB02"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"40/60 Backrest and Solid Bottom w/ Pullout Arm and Adjustable Headrests","Code":"SRSB03"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"60/40 Split Back and Solid Bottom","Code":"SRSB05"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"Solid Back and Bottom w/ 3 Molded Headrests","Code":"SRSB04"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"40/20/40 Split Backrest and Solid Cushion","Code":"SR4241"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"40/20/40 Buckets with Built in Headrests and Power Seats","Code":"SR4243"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"40/20/40 Buckets with Built in Headrests and Power Seats","Code":"SR4244"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"2 High Back Bucket Seats","Code":"SR5S51"},{"Row":"Third Row","Image":"","Description":"50/50 Split Back and Bottom w/ Folding Headrests","Code":"TR55S1"},{"Row":"Third Row","Image":"","Description":"50/50 Split Back w/ Solid Bottom","Code":"TR55S2"}]}

Elevate your Chevrolet Silverado's interior aesthetics with FREESOO Silverado Seat Covers. These premium faux leather seat covers are meticulously designed to seamlessly fit 2007-2023 Chevy Silverado 1500/2500/3500, including popular trims like Crew Cab and Double Cab 1LT/2LT/1LZ/2LZ/LT/LTZ/High Country. They are also compatible with 2014-2018 GMC Sierra models, featuring a perfect fit for the concave rear seat design.

Crafted from top-tier faux leather with a foam backing, these seat covers are the epitome of durability and comfort. You can expect these covers to withstand the test of time while ensuring a cozy driving experience. They are not just stylish but also practical – equipped for airbag compatibility and equipped with a reserved seat belt buckle to prioritize your safety during your journeys.

Front: Head cap*2, Backrest*2, Base*2

Rear: head cap*2, left backrest*1, right backrest*1, base cushion*2

Installation accessories: Tacoma model seat covers installation instructions

Packaging materials: chuck iron hook (18 black chucks, 8 iron hooks),self-sealing bag, independent packaging Tacoma model instructions, a vacuum bag

1/2 67*57*26cm carton, a 67*56*10cm wire side cloth bag

Delivery Area: Free shipping to the United States, extra fee to Hawaii, Alaska (Shipping not available in Samoa, Guam, Palau, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and the armed forces region).

Lead Time: 1-2 days.

Shipping Time: 5-7 days.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Lucy Twain
They look great!

Seat covers, bottom about 1inch to short, otherwise great product

Bob Joule
They Are Heavy Material

Because of the extremely cold weather, we haven't been able to install these seat covers in our 2007 Silverado pickup but they are really very heavy and well made so I don't foresee any difficulties in installing them once the weather warms a bit.

I can't wait to get this done because we currently have cloth seats and I like the faux leather much better.

Rosemary Chapman
Doesn't completely cover

These are great, very comfortable, a lot of cushion, just wish they covered the entire seat. The sides of the seats aren't covered.

Franklin Adolph
Custom Fit for Chevy Silverado

Designed specifically for Chevy Siverado models, these seat covers provide a perfect fit and enhance the overall appearance of my vehicle's interior.

Giles Eleanor
Wow , perfect fit

Perfect fit , can't even tell their are seat covers on after install and they look great . Well worth it!