Universal Faux Leather Car Seat Covers A2

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Upgrade your car seats with FREESOO Universal Seat Covers to add style and protection. These seat covers provide full coverage, including the entire seat area and headrests. The elastic material on the sides ensures a snug fit and prevents slipping. The side holes are designed to allow airbags to deploy properly without covering any seat belt buckles. Made from high-quality faux leather, these seat covers are durable with reinforced stitching. The high-density foam padding offers consistent comfort for a pleasant driving experience. Additionally, these leather seat covers are waterproof and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. The bottom features an anti-slip design to keep them securely in place without shifting or wrinkling, providing you with a worry-free usage. Upgrade your car seats now and enjoy the benefits of these universal seat covers.

  • Full protection design covers the entire seat area and headrests
  • Elastic material on the sides for a snug fit and no sliding
  • Side hole design allows for proper airbag deployment
  • Made of high-quality faux leather with reinforced seams for added strength and durability
  • High-density foam quilting for consistent comfort
  • Waterproof and easy to clean with a wet towel
  • Non-slip backing to keep the seat covers in place

Front Seat Cover x 2, Rear Backrests x 2, Armrest Velcro Cover x 1, Rear Base x 2, Middle Base Mat x 1, Headgear x 1, Lumbar Pillow x 2, Head Pillow x 2.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
James Wright
This lasted me a year

This lasted me a year and half before it started tearing off but I still like and miss it. Oh I still use the pillows tho

Daniel Brooks
Nice I like it alot.

Not to easy to install but durability and worth the time and effort great value for your money well spent.

Zoey Foster
Takes a while to set up but looks great when done!

I was pleasantly surprised to see how nice the fabric used was and it feels very durable. It took a while to set up as the instructors cab be a little confusing but it really adds something to my car interior in my 2011 Ford Focus. I've had it for a few months now and no complaints!

Chloe Hayes
Very nice.

So these seats are overall very nice, however, i found that the slide too much whrn getting in and out of the car. I solved that issue by sewing a strap to the bottom for more security. They work well and a thick a durable. The do a good job for the price!

Ella Price
They fit perfectly on 2011 Honda Accord 4 door.

Just installed them 2 months ago. They fit perfectly well in my 2011 four door Honda Accord. The car looks like it has leather seats now and the interior of the car looks darker due to the dark color of the leather seat covers that i chose. I used to have the milky color for the interior but with these bad boys installed it makes the car interior more luxurious and much much better than before. It also helps if your interior is cloth, buy these leather seats, it will make your car look much better. I am very happy with the covers.