Toyota Tacoma Universal Seat Covers Black Gray

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{"Body Style":[{"PICKUP":"Tacoma","SUV":"Wrangler","SEDAN":"RAV4","EV":"Model Y"},{"PICKUP":"Silverado 1500","SUV":"4Runner","SEDAN":"CRV","EV":"Model 3"},{"PICKUP":"Silverado 2500","SUV":"","SEDAN":"Camry","EV":"Model S"},{"PICKUP":"Silverado 3500","SUV":"","SEDAN":"Corolla","EV":"Model X"},{"PICKUP":"Sierra 1500","SUV":"","SEDAN":"Civic","EV":""},{"PICKUP":"Sierra 2500","SUV":"","SEDAN":"Accord","EV":""},{"PICKUP":"Sierra 3500","SUV":"","SEDAN":"","EV":""},{"PICKUP":"Ram 1500","SUV":"","SEDAN":"","EV":""},{"PICKUP":"Ram 2500","SUV":"","SEDAN":"","EV":""},{"PICKUP":"Ram 3500","SUV":"","SEDAN":"","EV":""},{"PICKUP":"Tundra","SUV":"","SEDAN":"","EV":""},{"PICKUP":"F150","SUV":"","SEDAN":"","EV":""}]}
{"Cab Type":[{"Row":"First Row","Image":"","Description":"Buckets w/ Adjustable Headrests","Code":"FRBH01"},{"Row":"First Row","Image":"","Description":"40/20/40 Bench with Folddown Console","Code":"FR4241"},{"Row":"First Row","Image":"","Description":"High Back Bucket Seats","Code":"FRHBB1"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"60/40 Split Back and Bottom w/ 3 Adjustable Headrests","Code":"SR6401"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"60/40 Split Back and Bottom w/ 3 Adjustable Headrests","Code":"SR6402"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"60/40 Split Cushion w/ Solid Backrest and Pullout Arm","Code":"SR6403"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"60/40 Split Back and Bottom w/ Pullout Arm and 3 Adjustable Headrests and Seatbelt in Backrest","Code":"SR6404"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"40/20/40 Split Back and 60/40 Bottom w/ Pullout Arm and 3 Headrests","Code":"SR6405"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"","Code":"SR6406"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"","Code":"SR4601"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"40/60 Split Back and Bottom w/ 3 Adjustable Headrests","Code":"SR4602"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"","Code":"SR4603"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"40/60 Split Back and Bottom w/ Pullout Arm and 3 Headrests","Code":"SR4604"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"40/60 Split Back and Bottom w/ Pullout Arm and Middle Molded Headrest 2 Outer Adjustable Headrests","Code":"SR4605"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"40/20/40 Split Back and 60/40 Split Bottom","Code":"SR4606"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"","Code":"SRSB01"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"40/60 Split Back Solid Bottom w/ 3 Adjustable Headrests","Code":"SRSB02"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"40/60 Backrest and Solid Bottom w/ Pullout Arm and Adjustable Headrests","Code":"SRSB03"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"60/40 Split Back and Solid Bottom","Code":"SRSB05"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"Solid Back and Bottom w/ 3 Molded Headrests","Code":"SRSB04"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"40/20/40 Split Backrest and Solid Cushion","Code":"SR4241"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"40/20/40 Buckets with Built in Headrests and Power Seats","Code":"SR4243"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"40/20/40 Buckets with Built in Headrests and Power Seats","Code":"SR4244"},{"Row":"Second Row","Image":"","Description":"2 High Back Bucket Seats","Code":"SR5S51"},{"Row":"Third Row","Image":"","Description":"50/50 Split Back and Bottom w/ Folding Headrests","Code":"TR55S1"},{"Row":"Third Row","Image":"","Description":"50/50 Split Back w/ Solid Bottom","Code":"TR55S2"}]}

5 PCS Full Set Seat Covers: A custom fit for your Tacoma, these seat covers are tailored for the Crew Cab, ensuring a snug fit for the SR, SR5, TRD Sport, TRD Pro, and TRD Off-Road models.

40/60 Split Bench: The back seats are independently covered in a 40/60 split fashion, with separate seat covers for easy lifting and fixation.

Easy Installation: While the installation may require a touch of patience, it's easily achievable without any special tools. Once in place, you'll find it's well worth the effort.

Styles to Choose: These seat covers not only safeguard your seats from scratches, stains, grime, and dust but also add a touch of style to your vehicle's interior.

Crafted with top-grade Nappa leather, these seat covers are foam-backed for exceptional durability and comfort. Safety is a priority with airbag compatibility and reserved seat belt buckle access.

Total 12 piec: head cap x 2, backrest x 2, base x 2 left and right head caps x 2, left backrest x 1, right backrest x 1, base pad x 2.

Delivery Area: Free shipping to the United States, extra fee to Hawaii, Alaska (Shipping not available in Samoa, Guam, Palau, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and the armed forces region).

Lead Time: 1-2 days.

Shipping Time: 5-7 days.

If there is no actual style stock, will contact to change style or hold.

Customer Reviews

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Gail Habakkuk
Works for Dodge TOO

i got them with my fingers crossed they would work for my in laws Dodge RAM and they work just fine! beautifully made, durable and sexy.

Valerie Bart
well made

well made, easy to install, durable, comfortable, great color, great material, good value for the money

Quincy Moll
Amazing Seat Covers

Introducing the 5 PCS Full Set Seat Covers, tailor/made for 2016/2022 Toyota Tacoma Crew Cab Pickup Double Cab SR/SR5/TRD Sport/TRD Pro/TRD Off/Road models. As a knowledgeable consumer, I was eager to try out this product and I'm pleased to say that it exceeded my expectations.Firstly, the custom/fit design ensures that every seat in my Tacoma is covered perfectly. The seat covers are made from high/quality materials that provide a comfortable and durable layer of protection for my seats. The covers are easy to install and stay in place thanks to the side straps and hooks.One of the standout features of these seat covers is their versatility. Whether I'm driving on rough terrain or in the city, these covers protect against spills, stains, and other everyday wear and tear. The water/resistant fabric is a game/changer and makes maintaining a clean interior a breeze.What's more, the sleek and stylish design of the covers complements the Tacoma's rugged exterior. The black and grey color scheme matches perfectly with the interior of my truck and the added TRD logo on the front seats makes for a nice touch.In conclusion, the 5 PCS Full Set Seat Covers are an exceptional investment for any Tacoma owner. They provide the perfect custom/fit protection that all trucks require. The price is competitive and the quality is second to none. I wholeheartedly recommend this product to any Tacoma owner looking to protect their investment.

Pandora Green
Great, but would add one thing.

First off great product and no complaints! But to make the 60/40 rear seat look more appealing (the gap) I would have added a zipper to join the two seat covers pieces like they are on the back! Yes you would have to unzip to lift the bench seat, but it would look better!

Michael Ward
Great seat covers

Seat covers are a really good fit, allow access to the seat controls as well, almost look oem. The package was missing some chucks for install, and I had to buy third party chucks to get them installed when I needed, but seller was quick to respond, and was able to offer a refund for the third party chucks I had to buy. I appreciate a seller responding to fix the issue. Would definitely buy seat covers from them again. Especially for the price, they are very well made. Thanks.